Celebrating Our Enterprising Community


We have a host of wonderful community centres right here on our doorstep and, even our schools and churches are venturing into running cra fairs too – great to visit and buy quirky and unique products but how do you even get started ‘being an exhibitor’ at a cra fair?

When you rst start out with a hobby that everyone says ‘you’re fab and you should sell these’ – it can be di cult to gauge if people are being honest or you really are lling a market niche – but o en it’s worth a try to sell how a wider audience views your products.

All the cra ers that BCN caught up with at High Grange Community Centre and St Aidan’s Church Hall o ered great products and had mixed experience of exhibiting.

Some were well seasoned exhibitors out most weeks throughout the year, others were total beginners and not sure how it would all work.

Some of the tips were, consider starting local, your transport costs will be low and hopefully the cost of your tables too! Average cost can be anywhere between £10 – £20. e biggest worry seems to be the pricing your product, pitch it too high and no sales or too low and you’re making a loss.

You’ve got to price your products at the very minimum to breakeven but hopefully you’ll have the good sense to add a pro t margin to really make it worthwhile. Remember to add the cost of your fuel, the cost of the table, any packaging and wrapping, your time and maybe even childcare costs if you are paying for this to St Aidan’s Church enable you to sell. It can be scary but it is a moment of truth – it may be that you need to re evaluate how your items are priced to ensure you’re not making a loss. Understand how many products you need to sell to cover all your costs and be actually making a pro t – you should always know this and be prepared to step up to negotiate where necessary to get more sales.

craftfayre1 craftfayre2

If you make a sale see if the customer will give you an email so you can share new items or products coming on line soon, or refer them to your facebook page to keep in touch.

Feeling like giving it a go – well get in touch with your local community centre, school or church and book some dates for 2017!

Good luck!

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