Fabulous Thriller for Local Author Into the Eyes of the Gods

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Chris Thomas contacted BCN to see if we would be interested in sharing his news about the launch of his Thriller ‘Into the Eyes of the Gods’ his first of what we hope will be many novels.

Chrisfrom Billingham said ‘I am so happy that you feel my news would be of interest to your readers. I’ve been writing since I was younger but it’s a different thing to actually launch a book.’

Chris who has lived all of his life in Billingham, other than when he served in the HM Forces has based his thriller around where he works now, Cleveland Potash, placing all the action a mile underground.

Chris takes us on an amazing journey into the deepest mine in the United Kingdom, you follow the men of the long hole crew, joining them on their working shift in the hot dusty atmosphere of a potash mine. Then, the greatest fear of any who works underground, a massive collapse, from which the crew barely manage to escape.
‘What grabbed at Jonesy’s foot in the dust cloud?’

As rescuers eventually arrive they discover a wonderous cavern that has been opened up. They also make a gruesome discovery.

Is this the work of a religious sect or is it something more sinister?

A police scenes of crimes team is sent to investigate, all but one is slaughtered, a bloodbath, but by what? Ancient carvings on the walls take the adventure back to 1500 B.C. Central America. Experts in Mexico City identify an ancient people, the Olmec, as the possible writers, but how?

Who or what carved these glyphs in a cavern in Yorkshire? The threat now identified, the British police are unable to help. A fearless team of British Special Forces, along with their “Bulls” are sent in to eliminate the malevolent threat. How will their assault on this threat turn out?

Want to read more? Chris’s thriller is available on Amazon to download for kindles or as a paperback.

Hope like me you’re curious enough to know the outcome and purchase the book to support Chris with this, his first, of what we hope will be many thrillers and with ‘Into the Eyes of the Gods 2’ nearly complete, looks like Chris may be on our reading list for years to come.

Well done Chris, a fantastic read!

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