Happy New Year Baby!


What a New Year surprise for mum Hannah and partner Michael when baby Lottie decided to make an appearance as everyone else was still celebrating with parties. Born via caesarean section at 12.30 am and weighing in at 6lbs 15 oz baby Lottie Eliza Lilian Donnelly was Teesside’s first baby of 2017, so a proud moment for parents and our community to start the year with positive media coverage for Billingham too. Of course Hannah is not new to making news in our community as she has already made front page news when we covered in BCN Iss 42 ‘Five Fabulous Generations’ With Lottie’s sister Esme (then 9 months old) holding centre stage with Great, Great, Great Grandmother Lilian Bolton. Hannah said ‘She wasn’t due until 20 January so of course being in hospital was an unexpected but delightful surprise. I didn’t think about the time really as I couldn’t wait to hold her, so it felt really special to discover that Lottie was the first baby to be born in Teesside in 2017. Lottie is totally gorgeous and looks so much like sister Esme and her dad too.


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