Sensory Garden for New Life Family Resource Centre


I am sure that everyone has heard acronym T.E.A.M. being used to communicate ‘together everyone achieves more’ but in the case of the Prince’s Trust programme, Johnson Matthey and the staff at New Life Family Resource Centre that does really ring true.

The current cohort of young people on the Skills Academy based SRC Bede 6th Form Princes Trust course participated
in a range of courses that covered career planning, interpersonal skills, managing money, developing a healthy lifestyle and supporting others in the community. As part of the course sessions, students were asked to work together as a team to identify a community project that with some resource and funding, they could deliver a solution for. The students identified a few projects but decided the one that would have the greatest impact on our community was the proposals for a sensory garden at New Life Family Resource Centre on Low Grange Avenue.

Having identified the project, students needed to fully cost it and then identify how they could fund it. Students contacted Johnson Matthey, seeking their help through collaboration to help deliver the project. They were invited to deliver a presentation, to the JM Corporate team, in a dragon’s den scenario, cover details of the project, how much they needed financially, where the resource would come from and what impact the project would have on the community.

Adrian Lawrence, Process Engineer at Johnson Matthey said ‘We are pleased to say that the students delivered an outstanding presentation, handled all the challenges
from our staff, understood their costings and budget and asked for the collaborative support of the Johnson Matthey team. How could we refuse?’

As you can see from the pictures, TEAM really did mean ‘together everyone achieves more’ with the final result of a sensory garden that will enhance the fantastic range of facilities already at New Life Family Resource Centre.

Well done to everyone who participated, helped or supported, including, Dave Buckworth,Ian Rowan, Liz Garry, Daniel Cairns, Carl Huitson, Jason Flynn, Paul Gordon, Graham Hall, Gary Rainford, Graeme Calvert, Kate McCulloch, Chris Walker, Jane Backhouse and Adrian Lawrence from Johnson Matthey, the students from Skilled Academy based Form Princes Trust and of course the staff and supporters at New Life Family Resource Centre.

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