Surprise, Surprise! A Disney Farewell for Pam

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The tissues were out when Head teacher Pam Edwards retired from Billingham South just before the school holidays and BCN are pleased to say they formed part of the ruse to help spring a ‘whole school’ surprise to ensure it was a blockbuster performance!

Pam’s deputy Edwin Squires, with support of staff and parents had planned a wonderful ‘purple themed event’ using the newly build wooden ship in the school playground. The only problem was Pam wouldn’t stay put in her office, being such a hands on Head it was proving more and more difficult for students, staff and parents to dress in their purple array and slip out to the playground, which is where BCN came in.

Feigning no knowledge of the imminent retirement, Pat Chambers chatted and reminisced on Pam’s family and career, her years of avid fundraising for causes dear to her heart, Macmillan and Dementia Research, having lost loved ones to cancer and Alzheimer’s. We also discussed plans for the future and how much she would miss the children but with a new grandchild due, Pam believed it was time to enjoy life and spend more time with husband Mick and her family.

All the while, Edwin and the team were moving class after class quietly down the corridors, outside to the playground and getting everyone in position ready to play their part in this huge ‘Surprise, Surprise’, including Pam’s husband of 34 years Mick and daughters Amy and Laura who were in on the secret too.
When everyone was in position, a knock at the door signalled it was time to go, so Pam was escorted on a circuitous walk around the school, towards the new piece of playground equipment, the ship, totally unaware that everyone was gathered, dressed in Pam’s favourite colour purple, around a throne fit for this Queen of Education!

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The rest they say is history but needless to say many tissues were used as the children stood on the newly launched ‘HMS Edwards’ and sang their hearts out with a host of Disney favourites for this exceptional Head who has touched so many hearts. With songs like ‘I want more’ from The Little Mermaid and ‘make lots of fun in the sun’ and ‘ I wish I could be a part of your world’, followed by Disney favourite Hakuna Matata

– means no worries for the rest of your days, a problem free philosophy from The Lion King and from Toy Story ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ – there was more than Pam crying.

The ‘Surprise Surprise’ was followed by a joyful farewell that comes from knowing, that good friends never have to say goodbye, good friends like Pam are never more than a phone call away, so here’s hoping we continue to hear much more about this fabulous superstar!

Enjoy your retirement Pam but don’t be a stranger!

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