The fifth year of the Future Scientist programme

future scientists

For the fifth year running, Johnson Matthey Catalysts have ran the Future Scientist programme with our Year 7 students. 160 students participated in the programme and enjoyed learning about this global chemical company and the role of science in their work. Over 14 ambassadors from Johnson Matthey came into school to deliver lessons and to issue the students with a challenge to investigate catalysts. The students then planned and carried out their investigations under the watchful eyes of their science teachers and the ambassadors.

Here is what some of the students had to say about their experience: Nicole wrote: ‘I have always enjoyed science, but sometimes I found it difficult, or even a little bit boring. However the Future Scientist programme showed me how science can be exciting and enjoyable. They also taught me that although science can be dangerous, if chemicals are handled properly and you follow instructions, then science experiments are safe.

In the future I would like to help other people be educated about science, but in a fun way just like Johnson Matthey did for me.’ Ryan wrote: ‘Our Future Scientist lessons were fun and interesting, I thought it was very interesting to find out how catalysts are made and how they are used in chocolate and car engines – two very different things. Our ambassadors, Alan and Simone, were very happy people.’ Rocco wrote: ‘When Johnson Matthey came in I was surprised to that we had real scientists coming to talk to us about their roles. They told us all about catalysts which are used to speed up chemical reactions, and used in making many familiar objects from cars to medicines’

Again we at Northfield would like to say a huge thank you to the ambassadors and Johnson Matthey for making science come alive for our students.

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